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Whether you live in the states or in other countries online consults provide a unique opportunity to meet with our providers. Consultations can be scheduled with any of our three providers to discuss specific health and lifestyle concerns and approaches to addressing these concerns. We offer both nutritional consultations to assist you in achieving your health goals and building a healthy lifestyle, and also functional medicine consults, where we dig for the root cause of your health issues with a variety of techniques and can recommend further testing when necessary.

We understand that there are limitations within conventional medicine and our providers go beyond the standard of care by staying up to date with current research and thinking outside of the conventional box. Although the views of conventional and functional medicine don’t always align, we challenge ourselves to blend the two worlds for optimal care of our patients and feel it’s so important to always be searching for the “why” regarding development of illness.

Here are just some of the topics we can discuss with you in our online consults:

Meet with our healthcare professionals:
Jennifer Hooker, MHS, PA-C • Erynn Kay, MMS, PA-C, NTC • Jeffry Gerber, MD

We offer individual consultations on a pay as you go basis and also discounted packages. We encourage follow up evaluations with us as this allows for continuity of care and accountability so that you can better achieve your health and nutrition goals!


Consults with Physician Assistants Jennifer Hooker, PA-C
60 minute initial consultation $375
30 minute follow up session $170 (pay as you go)
60 minute initial consultation plus two 30 minutes follow up sessions. $675 (discounted package)

Consults with Dr. Gerber
45 minute initial consultation $375
20 minute follow up consultation $170 (pay as you go)
45 minute initial consultation plus two 20 minutes follow up sessions. $675 (discounted package)

Disclaimer: These are cash pay services that are not covered by health insurance. Online consults are not intended to establish a provider-patient relationship as our providers are unable to diagnose, treat or prescribe medication without a face-to-face encounter, as mandated by US state licensing regulations. Our healthcare professionals can however discuss online the general approaches to specific health and lifestyle concerns with clients. All communication is private and protected. We maintain a secure record of all communication.

Please contact our office to schedule an online consult or if you have questions:

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