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We offer a lifestyle medicine approach to better serve those seeking optimal wellness. At the heart of lifestyle medicine we dig for the root cause of your health issues, rather than simply treating a symptom. Our approach offers a more in-depth look at your health history, and current concerns while addressing lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, social connectivity and stress.

We understand that there are limitations within conventional medicine and our providers go beyond the standard of care by staying up to date with current research in addition to thinking outside of the conventional box of medical delivery. Although the views of conventional and lifestyle medicine don’t always align, we challenge ourselves to balance the two worlds for optimal care of our patients and feel it’s so important to always be searching for the “why” regarding development of illness.

Here are just some of the topics we can discuss during your lifestyle medicine evaluation:

Your first visit will establish care. During the initial consultation we discuss your goals and concerns including:

During follow up sessions, we will:

Insurance plans will cover lifestyle medicine visits in the context of treating associated medical conditions such as metabolic and chronic disease, co-morbidities and illness.

Please contact our office to schedule a lifestyle medicine evaluation or if you have questions:

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