Dr. Jeffrey N. Gerber, MD, FAAFP

is a board certified family physician and owner of South Suburban Family Medicine in Littleton, Colorado, where he is known as “Denver’s Diet Doctor”. He has been p roviding personalized healthcare to the local community since 1993 and continues that tradition with an emphasis on longevity, wellness and prevention.
Nutrition and its effects on health are areas of interest for Dr. Gerber. Frustrated with spiraling healthcare costs related to the treatment of conditions like overweight, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and heart disease just to name a few, Dr. Gerber has been focusing on prevention and treatment programs using low-carb high fat (LCHF), Ancestral, Paleo and Primal diets to treat and prevent these chronic conditions. He maintains a database of patients, looking at weight loss and improved cardio-metabolic markers, demonstrating the benefits of these types of diets. Redefining healthy nutrition is a goal. Dr. Gerber speaks frequently about these important issues to patients, the community and other health care professionals.
We have been helping our patients improve their health and optimize their weight with prescribed lifestyle modification. We redefine healthy nutrition and teach patients about the relationship between unhealthy refined and processed foods and chronic illness. The science of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, insulin resistance, inflammation and chronic metabolic disease is revealing.”

“Dietary carbohydrates are the optional fuel and most people consume too much. Natural dietary fats were never unhealthy. Teaching patients how to make better food choices based on the carbohydrate content controls hunger, promotes weight loss and improves health.”

“Obesity and overweight are truly the resultant symptoms of chronic metabolic disease, ultimately caused by the many inflammatory foods in our diet. Blaming behavior (that we eat too much and exercise too little) for why we get fat is a short-sighted explanation, especially when considering our present day understanding of metabolism.”



The following packages include an initial online appointment through Skype or by phone. Once you choose a package and schedule a time, Dr. Gerber will follow up with you to exchange Skype usernames, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses.
Skype & Phone Consultations | $300 - $500
Dr. Gerber has treated hundreds of overweight and obese individuals with primal and paleo nutrition. Through his extensive clinical experience as Denver’s Diet Doctor, Dr. Gerber has garnered loads of knowledge regarding low carb diets, paleo diets, and how they effect your cholesterol, appetite, and overall health. Let Dr. Gerber Skype with you or have a phone call with you, and teach you how set reasonable health-related goals, alter your diet for maximum benefit, and give you the confidence and motivation to continue on your path to health. This includes 1 Skype session and up to 3 follow up e-mails or skype sessions per month. You can choose from a variety of packages.
Initial Consult & Diet Assessment from Denver's Diet Doctor | $300
Meet with Dr. Gerber for an initial consultation to discuss your diet and health goals. You will visually track your diet for a minimum of three days with PhotoCalorie or other online food journals, after which Dr. Gerber will analyze your diet, suggest improvements, and discuss how you can better choose paleo or low carb foods to achieve your goals.
Cholestrol Analysis & Skype Follow Up | $400
Dr. Gerber has treated hundreds of patients with primal and paleolithic diets, and really understands  how they can effect your cholesterol levels. Using your own personal doctor, or MyMedLab, an online service that offers blood tests at a fraction of the price, you can get your cholesterol checked, and discuss your results with Dr. Gerber.

Dr. Gerber trained at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia and graduated in 1986. He completed a medical Residency in Family Medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital in 1990 and was board certified in Family Medicine in 1991. Dr. Gerber sits for the Family Medicine re-certification exam every ten years and attends continuing medical education programs on a regular basis. He is Level II certified by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to treat work related injuries.In 2010 Dr. Gerber received the honorary Degree of Fellow, FAAFP from the AAFP for his commitment to family medicine and contributions to the local community.

Dr. Gerber is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the Obesity Action Coalition, the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, the Colorado Medical Society, the Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Dr. Gerber, his wife and three children love the outdoors, and enjoy all that the wonderful state of Colorado has to offer.